Monday, February 17, 2014

Some more gorilla photos

These photos were taken by the director of the WWF Global Species Program, Carlos Drews. They are of the Umubano group of gorillas. 

Many of these individuals were habituated by David Greer, who was part of our training (see previous posting for more on David).

Meaning "neighborliness," the Umubano group has 13 individuals.
Led by Charles, the dominant silverback, Umubano was formerly a part of the Amahoro group. As Charles matured into a silverback of the same rank as Ubumwe, he could not stand being given orders and decided to stage a fight and challenge Ubumwe. The fight went on for weeks and then months. Finally, Charles managed to snatch from Ubumwe a few females and formed his own group. Since then, he has commanded respect and recognition from Ubumwe. We have observed, on various occasions, interactions between the two silverbacks, but no fighting has been seen since the great battle ended.

It was after meeting Peter Meyers at IMD and thru Carlos' efforts that Stand & Deliver had the privilege of working with the WWF. Carlos is not only a great photographer but a model team leader as well. Thanks for letting me post these Carlos!

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